17th World IVF Congress on In Vito Fertilization - Tunis 2013

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the organizing committees, and the International Society for In Vitro Fertilization (ISIVF) we are delighted to invite you to take part in the 17th World IVF Congress on In Vito Fertilization, which will be held in Tunis, Tunisia on September 4 to 7 inclusive, 2013.

Known for its legendary hospitality and “joie de vivre”, Tunisia will provide all of the participants of the 17th World IVF Congress a cheerful and friendly forum to discuss all aspects of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). The theme of the Congress is "ART in the twenty first century." We will focus and discuss the numerous biotechnological advances that we could bring into the daily practices with the aim to improve outcomes.

Tunisia is a country where sea, sun, mountains and desert are in perfect symbiosis. From north to south, all regions of the country clearly exhibit the rich cultural mix that has been created during more than 3,000 years of history. Aside from enjoying the excellent scientific program at the Congress, participants will be able to enjoy the magnificent environment, climate, sites and culture of this country.

We have prepared a varied, interesting and joyful social program, to enable you, alone or accompanied, to relax and enjoy the many attractions and leisure activities offered by the new free and democratic Tunisia.

We look forward to welcoming you in Tunis and to offer you an exciting and unforgettable scientific and cultural experience.

Khaled Mahmoud
Congress President & STGO President

Victor Gomel
President of ISIVF

Welcome to ISIVF

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Gomel_VictorI am honored to assume the presidency of the International Society for In Vitro Fertilization (ISIVF).

Although World IVF congresses have been held for more than three decades, the society itself is quite young. Professor Robert Edwards, one of the founding members and patron of ISIVF, insisted on having a society dedicated to assisted reproduction, a society that would bring together the various disciplines that this field encompasses: scientists, clinicians, embryologists, geneticists, psychologists, nurses and other auxiliary and support personnel.

We have done reasonably well, despite the global economic crisis of the last several years and the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan that preceded our congress by 6 months. But we are still a young society that needs to progress and secure its survival.

During my tenures as Secretary and Vice President & Secretary I worked hard to help create and advance our Society. As your newly elected President, I intend to continue to dedicate my time to achieve the goals of ISIVF with a clear vision, drawing upon the wisdom and experience of our Board filled with talented members. I look forward to their support and to work closely with them to serve our membership and provide them with forums in which to communicate and discuss advances in the exciting field of reproduction and assisted reproduction.

Our last World congress in Tokyo, Japan, in September was most successful. You will find a report on the congress in our updated website and photos from this event. You can also view all of the plenary lectures presented at the congress.

We are looking forward with great anticipation to our next World congress, which will be held on Sept 4th to the 7th inclusive, 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia, the land that started the “Arab spring.” Preparations for the congress are well underway.

We aim to increase and facilitate communication with our members, and receive their input, which I shall welcome. I will ask the Website master to create a space in which members can write their suggestions and requests. We must also increase our membership. The membership fee is very modest (only $ 50 for two years), this is by design; its payment indicates an interest and commitment on the part of the member.

We are continuously improving and updating our website: We want all of our members to actively participate in making our Society the best it possibly can be and in this vein, we ask that you be kind enough to provide suggestions and feedback, not only on our Website, but on any and all other matters which you may feel appropriate. This will assist our Society in offering its members the most up-to-date information and services that they truly deserve.

I invite you to join us in this endeavor; your presence will benefit the IVF community at large, and you personally with all the benefits and the networking opportunities the society offers.

Victor Gomel

Feedback Form

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Our Website

In addition to the following improvements made to our site, we periodically review and update the contents, to ensure you have access to the latest information regarding our Society and ART

We are proud to launch our new website "" to offer expanded functionality to our members.

The new website is designed to enable ISIVF to manage its day-to-day activities without vendor support. Below are the features and improvements of the new website:

  • The website design has been updated to give the site a fresh and modern look and feel.
  • New menu structure and additional content was added to enhance the website.
  • New membership component has been implemented to process new memberships, collect dues, send invoices and run reports. The system has been integrated to work with the pre-existing credit card merchant account.
  • Membership directory has been implemented so that members can look up their colleagues, obtain mailing and email addresses.
  • A "library" interface has been created to upload abstracts and presentation recordings into a central location.
  • A special news feed has been developed to pull relevant information in the field and embed into the website automatically.

We are well aware that some of you may have suggestions to make on how we may even better improve the quality and functionality of the site, we certainly would appreciate receiving your comments which will be carefully considered.

We do trust that you'll find this site more user friendly, and be the source of information you will find useful.

Annual Dues

The constitution of ISIVF requires our members to be current members of the Society. Therefore, in order to be reappointed as a member it is necessary not to be in arrears with respect to annual dues. The dues remain a modest $50 US, for a period of two years.

Steps to pay your dues

  1. In the main menu, please click on membership, and then membership renewal.
  2. Use the login form to access your account. Your user name is your email address.
  3. Then please follow directions.

We do look forward to hearing from you, as we do value your membership in our Society.

Tunis Workshop


Our society held a full day workshop “Affordable, Accessible, Safe and Patient Friendly ART: The Road to the Future” on October 9, 2010, in conjunction with the Tunisian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, during their joint congress with the Federation of the National Gynecology and Obstetrics Societies of the Mediterranean and the Maghreb Societies of Gynecology and Obstetrics, held in Tunis, Tunisia. The workshop, directed by a well recognized international faculty, created much interest and was extremely well attended.